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Think twice before you tickle…

I thought this article was so interesting.  As parents we get so exciting and happy when London laughs.  We tickle him until he shrieks with laughter and it warms our hearts.  I am so happy that my parents warned me about over stimulating him with tickles which led me to this article.  i wanted to share with any parents who might stumble across this and read it.


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Falling in love with casual moisture….

I know I dont post much anymore but that is because I have a lovely little boy to stare at instead….but today I thought I had something perfect to share with the universe…

I am what my mom has deemed a “comfort nazi.”  Its not that bad but I do have some quirks one being the dislike of casual, unsaturated moisture.  Such as condensation on a tea glass, half wet hair after a swim in the ocean, dew on the grass…you get the picture.  Well, I have recently started taking showers with London because I read that the bond for mommy and baby is strengthened and they apparently love the shower.  So I started out just holding him but now I sit in the bottom of the shower and hold him under the spray and bath him.  I usually just bathe him and thats it but tonight I wasnt feeling in such a hurry so I decided to lean against the shower wall and play with him.  Its making me cringe just TYPING that I leaned against the shower wall, my hair in a pony tail soaking up spits of water droplets EEK….but it was so worth it.  My little boy’s eyes brightened and he looked at me for approval, just begging for me to say that bath time was now playtime.  He started to grin from ear to ear and then he laughed and squealed and thought it was the best fun ever!!  And then just as drool was pouring from his mouth I kissed his sloppy lips and fell in love with humid, unsaturated moisture.

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What no one tells you but should

Being pregnant and having a baby brought on a whole new world of getting advice that I never knew existed.  I am googler and so I generally look up anything and everything I have a question about.  However, in the world of baby you will get almost as many hits walking down an aisle in Target as you would online.  The lady looking at socks might tell you that you are carrying high so you are having a girl, even though your 4-d sonogram clearly shows a penis.  She will declare that the new technologies today will never stand up to the wisdom of the older generations.  You move on and pretend you have to pee, no one stands in the way of a pregnant woman with an uncontrollable bladder.  The lady at the checkout will tell you that you need to take castor oil and have the baby early so their head won’t be too big and the gentleman behind you in line will tell you that he video taped everything and that your husband shouldn’t be afraid to get down there and get dirty.  With all of this extra information that you would much rather gather in the privacy of your home in your PJs you would think you would hear it all….but you don’t.  No one shares the most important things that are SO important to know.

1)  Sometimes you get crazy…yes even you the most sane person out there

I LOVE being a mom.  I have spent my entire life dreaming of motherhood and I have finally arrived.  But even I have gone to crazy town and wished someone had told me it was normal.  My baby was PERFECT when he popped out.  No crying.  Sleep all day and 4 hour sleep cycles at night.  Cuddly, snuggly little boy…ahhh I was in love.  Jump to 3 weeks in and all of a sudden this precious little butterball was grunting and grimacing all hours of the day and night.  I googled my butt off and massaged his stomach, gave him gripe water, sang to him, swaddled, rocked, took him to the doctor and when all failed I felt insane.  It was 3am and I was on less than 5 hours of sleep in 2 days and I just broke down crying.  Would it be wrong to just set him outside for a little bit?  I would of course wrap him in a blanket and possibly put up a sign saying he was accounted for.  Would I be an awful, horrible, no good, very bad mom?  I decided it best not to do so but instead I sat in the rocker and cried while my little baby hurt.  LUCKILY for us my mom strolled in to town, took one look at this little guy’s butt, slathered some boudreaux’s butt paste on him and he hasn’t given us a sideways look since.  I have since mentioned this to several moms to see their eyes light up and say ME TOO!!  I was crazy too and could have thrown my baby out the window.  I know some of you are going to phone my husband or offer to bring us dinner to give me a break but I assure you, once you have babies you will understand and you will write your own blog about how you were happy you knew ahead of time that you weren’t the only one.  I have since been the luckiest mom again and my baby doesn’t cry anymore and I have not had another crazy episode, but I am now ready if it does happen.  It is ok to make sure your baby is safe and secure, and then walk out of the room to take some deep breaths before you return for round two.  It is also ok to ask your husband, mom, dad, friend or neighbor to help you in times of need.  Everyone understands that a full time mom has her moments.  I am offering my personal assistance for anyone who has this moment and needs someone, so email me or call me or comment here on the blog.

2) Sometimes the doctor is not right

Child rearing is a fun game of guesstures to keep your baby alive and hopefully happy.  You put food in their mouth, change their diaper, walk them, rock them, swing them, swaddle them and do all 5 of the S’s that turn your tot into the Happiest Baby on the Block and still they aren’t assuaged.  You sigh and pick up the phone to be the mom who takes their baby to the pediatrician in the first week of life.  That’s ok and is best if you are unsure….better safe than sorry right?  I am here to tell you and I know that many moms are out their to confirm that most pediatricians will give you a small smile and in their heads they are saying “ahhh,….first time worry wart of a mom” and then they tell you that you are fine, your baby is normal and in 3 to 6 months everything will be fine.  If you are like me you are thinking that the last week felt like a year how are you supposed to go 3 to 6 flippin months like this?  So you come home you google, you repeat everything you already tried and you begin to pray reminding God that he told you if you prayed for it you would be answered.  You call the doctor again with a new list of reasons why you really do need her and you trek your tot back to see them with your fingers crossed that she will enlighten you with the answers.  She recommends you stop eating chocolate, dairy, broccoli and fruit juice and that if that doesn’t work that in 3 to 6 months everything will be fine.  This is when crazy may set in…see #1.  I am here to tell you that this is when the population of advice givers ain’t so bad!  I was lucky and had my mom waltz in with butt paste for my personal issue.  I wasn’t saavy enough to recognize diaper rash but my mom of 2 surely was.  And now we are happy.  I spent a week or 2 irritated that my doctor had thrown me in the pot of 99% of new moms out there, crazy and unable to handle the pressures.  Didn’t they see the rash, couldn’t they have pasted his butt up?  So just remember, the doctor’s don’t know everything. They are people too…unlike your mom who is not simply a person but an angel with butt paste.

3) You may not find time to brush your teeth and shower, so you must choose

Unless you are lucky enough to have a full time live in nanny that you can pawn your tot off to you will inevitably find yourself choosing between some of the necessities of life.  I was lucky enough to have my husband home for 2 weeks, my parents for 10 days before I was on my own with my baby.  I would hand him to Gramma when I needed to pee, to my husband when I needed to shower and my Grandpa if I needed a nap. It was so easy being a mom when I had an entourage of helpers.  However, my first day alone I looked around and there was no one to hand him to.  I think I sat in the same spot on the couch all day long while he slept, ate and even changed his diaper there.  My husband walked in and I was so happy to shower….until I heard the sounds of hunger from the living room mid-shampoo.  It took me a good solid week to figure out how to set him down while he was sleeping so I could have a shower or make food.  I was starving, I was stinky and I was desperate to find me and my husband a rich man to date so we could get ourselves a live in nanny.  Remind yourself that it is ok to have a messy house, a pony tail for a hairdo or PJs on at 5pm.  You will figure it out, I even wore makeup to church today!!

4)  You may begin to speak to everyone in 3rd person, but your new name is Mommy

I spend all day long by myself cooing, gooing and gaaing with my son.  I love it because he smiles and laughs at his goofy mom.  When daddy gets home he spends several hours cooing and gooing too and we all gaga, mama and laugh together.  Then you find yourself telling your husband “Mommy needs to go potty, can you hold me til I need more milkies daddy?”  And your husband responds “Daddy can howd me and squeeze me and goo goo gaga mama”  And you wonder what happened to the days of being a sweetheart, a babe, hot stuff or simply your first name.  As if the home talk weren’t enough you find yourself at church introducing your child by speaking for them “Oh hiiii Uncky Kevin, give me kissies” and you find yourself chatting about whether or not yellow cheesy diapers are normal and if an occasional green frothy diaper is ok.  Conversations are never the same and you start to understand why you suddenly have very few single friends without children.  The good news is that studies show that talking to your baby in goos and gaas teaches them all about speech and they actually do learn to speak this way.

5) You will learn a love you have never known

I am running out of time because the little bugger is grunting himself out of his afternoon nap and I will have to give the little mister some milkie wilkies soon :)   But I thought I would end with a great one.  You will most definitely learn a love you have never known or ever imagined.  You will all of a sudden want to chap your lips with thousands of baby kisses and the smell of curdled throw up on your shoulder will make you smile.  You will hurt when he hurts, and smile wider than you ever have when he smiles at you.  You will coo and goo  your bum off for hours to get him to make one sound and you will want to squeeze him and show him that he will never want for anything in his whole life.  You will find yourself wanting to be the best version of you possible so that he will know how to be a good person one day as well.  it is the best feeling ever and I wish for everyone to experience this one day.

Ok – until next time have a great night!

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Our Birth Story – Welcome London Janse van Rensburg

It has been SO long since I have blogged, life with a Bean is pretty hectic.  But I thought I would begin since he is starting to smile and coo and I have no recollection of when he really began doing any of the things only parents care about – like when his poo turned a different color :)   You parents know what I am talking about…so *cross your fingers, or hold thumbs (Wes’ saying)* and we will begin our journey again on the blogging…beginning with Our birth story…day 1 of our precious life with London Bean.

October 17th, 2009

This day began as any normal Saturday would contemplating where we should go to eat.  We wanted to stay close as being SUPER pregnant doesn’t allow for much comfort anywhere, especially walking around a lot.  So we called Benihana since it is about 3 minutes from our house but they were completely booked for the night.  So all of a sudden I had a great idea, how about a Brazilian Steakhouse, downtown!!!  For those of you who know me you are thinking that I am lying and that Wes was actually the one who came up with that stupid idea, because 1)  I HARDLY eat meat and 2) If I am eating meat I surely do NOT want to drive 45 minutes from home to do it….but yep it was me and off we went.  We got to dinner and we had a great meal and great conversation.  Then, as if this idea weren’t silly enough I decided I wanted to eat dessert somewhere else….somewhere where you have to stand in line outside to get your dessert…SO not me.  We get to the front of the line and order our DELICIOUSLY beautiful desserts and my mouth is watering…..I even took pictures of other people’s dessert I was so excited and then all of a sudden I peed all over myself….so I thought.  Then a lightbulb went off – was this my water breaking??  On comes the panic and I mumble as fast as I can to Wes that I think my water may have broke, I shove through the line of people behind us and luckily the bathroom was free as I went inside to determine if it was pee or my water.  I am franticly turning my iphone into an encyclopedia of information for me to determine if I am peeing or if it is my water….then I realize I am quite silly because now both legs of my jeans are soaked and I am continuing to “pee” in gushes of water.  I go outside and manage to tell Wes we need to go.  Lucky for me he was smart and got our desserts to go.

We call our Birthing Center and get the midwife on call.  We explain that we are pretty sure the water broke but also pretty sure we aren’t in labor because it feels like nothing is going on in the uterus except silence and sleeping.  They tell us to come in about an hour and they will check me out.  (this is where I will explain why the downtown visit to the meatery is important)  LUCKY for us we are downtown because that is where our Birthing Center is!!  I am positive that my 6th sense of womanly intuition drug me there happily to be in the right spot at the right time.  Also lucky for us we had asked our friends Kevin and Ore if we could crash their home in case of just such an event.  I called them and somehow they had chosen to stay home on a Saturday night and their home was 2 minutes from my Niagara Falls.  We arrive around 830pm at their place and I am in dire need of a change of clothes.  Funny enough one of the guys had a pair of maternity pants he used for yoga….no this is not a joke, and he let me borrow them!!  I am not sure why I thought I would be able to keep a pair of new pants dry because by the time I left their place I was in another man’s maternity pants, his flip flops and one of his towels wrapped around me like a makeshift adult diaper.  It was not my best or prettiest moment.

930pm – Birthing Center Visit

We arrive at the center and after examination get the Good and Bad news.  Good news = the water had broke and in the next 24 hrs we would have a baby, Bad news = 1cm dilation and basically 0 effacement and still not in any form of labor to speak of.  They suggested we go home, get some sleep (hahahahahahaha) and when we go into labor call them and probably in the next 15 – 24 hours we would be in labor.  We went home and packed our bag up with everything we would need for labor….olive oil to help not have to tear or be cut, extra panties and clothes, incense, cds and other calming items, Crossword puzzles for when we would be waiting in between contractions at the center, charger for the camera, etc…..

Wes passes out and sleeps like a baby and I wake up every 30 minutes to an hour to check and see if I am in labor.  (I know most moms are laughing now, because there is no “checking” for labor)  Around 3am I am still in no labor but when I go to the bathroom I see faint remnants of blood and I am sent into another panic.  A quick check on my husband and yep, still SOUND asleep.  I panic, call the midwive on call and she tells me it is normal, something called a “bloody show” and that I will probably go into the early stages of labor soon.  4am, 5am, 6am……..9am I am up and still nothing at all that is anything remotely like labor is happening.  I call the midwife again and she suggests that I try using some castor oil.  A quick google search of this and I know I want nothing to do with the “loose bowel movements” that entails post castor oil use so I decide that I will do a few more lighter tactics prior to listening to my midwife.  So Wes and I suit up for a little walk around the block.  We go for a walk and I am desperately wanting to feel some contractions because I am getting nervous that we will end up at the hospital instead of the natural birth at the birthing center.  So I keep having some braxton hicks that I have had many times of the last several weeks with zero pain whatsoever.  I am patiently waiting for the contractions that are at least 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long for an hour.  This is the basis for when you go into the center/hospital so you dont go to early and possibly get sent home.  An hour after our walk we come home and still nothing.  I look at the bottle of castor oil and decide that I will instead lay on the couch and nap for just 15 minutes and then I would use the castor oil.

1045am – 2nd Water Breaks

All of a sudden I feel like I am punched from the inside and I jolt off the couch.  I am scared that something inside me has broken and my baby is in danger and I am freaking out.  Wes is sitting on the couch watching tv, calm, collected….sigh…I get up and call the midwife AGAIN and she tells me that we actually have 2 waters and the second one has probably broken and that I will probably start early signs of labor soon, I should go ahead and listen to her now and use the castor oil and to expect to be coming to the center in the early evening and to call when we are at the 5 minutes etc mark.  So I hang up again and look at the castor oil and decide that I will still wait another few minutes before I decide to use it.

1100am – Labor

So I sit on the couch and feel the first contraction of my labor.  WOW – no amount of classes can prepare you for this kind of pain.  It was worse than any gut wrenching 2-a-days we did in high school; worse than the time I pulled 4 teeth that werent loose as a kid to get more money from the tooth fairy; worse even than hitting a softball while your finger is broken…and many other painful things you might have personally encountered.  It was B-A-D.  It lasted a full minute of pain while I writhed around trying to find a semi-comfortable position.  When it was finally over I tried to thumb through the rolodex of techniques to use during labor to relieve the tension and not focus on the pain.  Wes and I also quickly discussed when we should call the Doula to come over and assist with the labor.  We knew that we would probably not have the baby until the evening so we called her and told her we had begun labor and that we would want her to come closer to 10 minutes between contractions.  She said ok and we went back to sitting on the couch.  Then literally less than 3 minutes later another contraction straight from Hades came on again.  Another minute of writhing, digging my hands into the cushions of the couch and Wes now trying to figure out how the hip compressions were supposed to work because it was impossible to talk to him through it.  Then another break.  We still thought nothing of it because we had learned that the first contractions could be erratic (1 minute apart, 10 minutes apart, 7 minutes etc.)  So we then decided that maybe we would watch a movie.  Then 2 minutes later another gut wrenching contraction.  HOW could this be.  Where was the lead up to crazy contractions we learned about in class?

1130am – This is serious

We have now spent the last 30 minutes having contractions every 3 to 4 minutes for a minute to minute and a half in length and it is IMPOSSIBLE to speak to anyone and I have writhed in pain all over the couch, against the wall, on the tile and on the bed and I am finding it very difficult to remember why I made such a STUPID decision to have a baby naturally when there were perfectly wonderful drugs to make me feel so wonderful instead of awful.  So Wes decides he needs to call the midwife this time.  He tells her that I am having contractions and we might need to come in.  Now, she is remembering that we talked 30 minutes ago and I was walking around the back yard not in any labor, so she is assuming we are new parents freaking out for no reason.
So she tells Wes that she wants to talk to me through a contraction to assess where we really are with things.  So he hands me the phone and I am crying to this woman and on comes the fury and I throw the phone on the ground as I dig my nails into my wooden dresser and wonder if it is possible to pass out and just not be aware of the labor pains and if so how do I do it.  So Wes picks up the phone and the midwife thinks that it is possible that we need to get there…NOW.  So we rush to the car and I get in the back seat and Wes begins driving.  After the first contraction in the car, digging into the back of the seat, kicking the opposite door and feeling as though I may pass out Wes decides that the current speed limit just will not cut it and he drives as carefully as he can pushing the pedal as deep into the floor mat as possible.  I am peering out during my measly 60 break at the buildings to decide how close we are to the birthing center where I will hopefully find some relief.  I am also screaming for any kind of pain relief and throwing our entire birth plan out the window.  This is when having a supportive and sane husband is key.  He spent the drive reminding me of all the wonderful reasons that having a natural birth will be the best thing for our impending bean and that I can do it because I am a strong woman…..so sweet and thank God for him through this whole thing.

1228pm – I make my first push – IN THE CAR!!!!

Seriously – are we going to have to call 911 and have a fireman deliver my baby on the side of the road downtown in front of the homeless guy laying in front of the building we are at?

1230pm – Arrival at Best Start Birthing Center

I am wearing a tank top, swim shorts and barefoot.  I am drenched in sweat, can hardly focus enough to see the door and am looking at the stairs I now have to climb to the birth room.  And on comes another contraction mid flight of stairs.  I hear voices talking to me but I am unable to focus on anything other than staying alive because I am now convinced that if I do not have a baby soon I am going to literally die and Wes will be a single dad.  I make it to the bed and am trying to listen to the voices because they might know what to say to help the pain but it is impossible.

1235pm – Checkup

I manage to lay on my back long enough for the midwife to check to see how dilated I am and she gasps and tells the other midwife that she can see the head and that I probably will need to push.  She asks me if we were planning a water birth, which we were absolutely not, but I remembered reading that water helps with pain so I tell her to fill ‘er up and I imagine myself swan diving into pain free waters like a mermaid…and on came another…BUT this time someone was telling me to push.  I was scared to death to push because I knew it must be 500 times worse than labor but NO, it was fabulous.  I was actually getting relief from the pushing and I wanted to push more.  I was feeling a new burst of energy now.  So I pushed and was able to gain some relief from the contraction.  I pushed one more time through another contraction and the tub was ready.

1245pm – Tub Time

For those of you who know me, I do not like to be naked around anyone, much less strangers.  Even wearing skirts sometimes freak me out from all the leg showing.  But for all you moms out there, you will understand, I was more than eager to peel anything off that would lend itself to more comfort, if that word even existed anymore.  And in the tub I went.  This time the voices were a little clearer and I could try and adjust my position to what they were telling me.  I tried to focus on my husbands arms while he held me and coached me to breath, it was so nice to have someone there supporting, not freaking out and sending out love like I have never felt before.  It was truly a falling in love again moment throughout the process.  I pushed 3 more times and little London was out.  This entire moment was a blur but I remember the moment I held the little guy in my arms. Wes was a champ and cut the umbilical cord and we all smiled.  The doula unfortunately only made it for the end of the birth but her teaching to Wes was invaluable because he remembered every word and did a perfect job.

1:06pm – Time of birth

I know most moms may say that they were so happy and in love the first moment but I wasn’t.  I wasn’t NOT in love but it was such a taxing 2 hours that it was impossible for me to feel anything but tired and relieved that I wasn’t going to have another contraction.  He was beautiful but my first love moment came after I had dried off and laid in bed with the Bean.  I handed him off to Wes as I got out of the tub and I went to the bedroom to get my checkup.  Luckily I hadn’t torn anything too valuable and I only needed one stitch on the inside to a small baby tear which I never really felt.  Wes and I laid with our baby for another couple of hours before we were both antsy to go home.  We went and got the midwife and had her do the baby’s APGAR and whatever other weighing and measuring they do.  He came in at a 9/10 his first go round of the APGAR and weighed 7lbs 10 oz and was 21 inches long.  He didn’t cry and he just cuddled with us, everything we had dreamed of.

7pm – Time to go home!

Yes, believe it or not, when you do not get hooked up to an IV or get an epidural there is very little to “recover” from in the hospital or birthing center and you are pretty much ready to go home.  We loaded up our little Bean into the car and went home to live happily ever after!

Well…this is our birth day story and I can hear the little guy grunting for mom in the bedroom as I type this so I will fill in the details of the last 7 weeks as the next several weeks, months…years??  go on and hopefully our beautiful story will provide some smiles to those who read it.

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Bean’s first play date…

Ok – I know some of you thought….wait a minute…Bean can’t play yet can he?  He can!  He and I have been playing for a couple of weeks now.  I recently read in one of my many pregnancy and parenting books that you should begin to massage your belly and eventually your baby inside the womb so that he is used to touch and specifically yours when he arrives.  I have recently been able to tell where his back, butt and head are located so anytime I can feel one of them I begin to massage.  There have been many times that as I massage his little Beansized butt that he snuggles back against my hand.  It is the sweetest thing!  I assumed it was an accident but I have since read more about how your baby will “play” with you while in the womb.  Well since then its all I do.  We play all day long!  It is a great way to pass time at the grocery store, at a traffic light and during the night when it is impossible to sleep!  But today we went on a real play date!  I have been looking for other moms to connect with as soon I will be at home all alone with my little buddy and will want to introduce him to other playmates.  I figured it would be best to do some interviewing without him so he doesn’t have to worry about rejecting others.  So today we went and visited the Monarch program with a group from Meetup.com.  We had a blast!  Even though it was pretty muggy the butterflies were beautiful and Bean fluttered right along with them.

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Us at 32 Weeks!

mikala 32

wes 32

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London’s Room!!

Well I realize I have been a worthless blogger lately and I am tempted to give a really good excuse about work being busy, and pregnancy being tough and school taking up my time but really I have been lazy and honestly most of what I have had to say lately isn’t worth writing or reading…..until today!!!! London’s (Bean) Room is 99.9% finished! We still need to get blinds and I am making an artistic rendition of his name for above the bed and some macaroni fishies for above the closet, but all that aside I am so excited to share the pictures of our almost, mostly, pretty much complete room. I have been sitting in here, reading London some books and dreaming about how our days will go in there together. We did notice that there is no chair for Daddy!!! We are still trying to figure that out so we can all hang out in there while Wes plays the guitar. BUT….without further ado….I present to you The Room:

*Click on a picture to make the entire gallery bigger and one by one picture selecting to get a closer view of the cuteness!*

There is a round white fluffy rug taking up the entire center of the room. The chair is a microfiber rocker/recliner, the changer is a dresser / changing table that still needs a few accessories. The curtains are hiding the closet which soon will have all of the clothes to bundle the little ball of joy in! The crib is a Baby Cache crib that converts into a toddler bed and eventually a full size bed (not too soon!!!) and the bookcase is a steal from Target! (The big blank space above the crib is where the lettering will go for his name.)  We bought everything from Craigslist or on sale! Wes (The lovely husband) also put most everything together for me and he even let me do the instructing…I am so proud of us and our little family!

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Crib – Almost Finished!!

YEY! We finally got a crib and put it together with the bumper and sheet I made. I still have to make the skirt and curtains and of course get our other furniture but I had to post pictures of the almost finished crib. We are so proud of it, especially because of all the blood sweat and tears that went into it :)


And since there are no pictures of us we thought we would throw one in here. Excuse our hair as Wes had just won a very exciting soccer game, and I had been fighting with the crib!


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Birthing Choices

I am home…from home…sort of. I am back in San Diego after visiting my family and friends in Texas. While it was 105 degrees most of the time and the water was too hot to swim in, it was still such a joy to see everyone that I miss so dearly. I will catch everyone up on my travels later but I wanted to post some fun information.


For those who do not know we have chosen to do an all natural birth. After going through the usual testing and sonograms with my OBGyn it was determined that I am a relatively “low-risk” pregnancy. Once I got to researching everything there is to know about being pregnant I noticed that many low-risk pregnancies choose to use a Birthing Center instead of a Hospital to give birth. I know this sounds very hippie to some, and it did to me too until I did the research. Ill go into more of this in later posts.

What does All Natural really mean?

It means that we are going to have our baby without the medical intervention of drugs such as petocin, epidural, or other pain medications.

This got me thinking, since 99% of the people I know who have had children have had an epidural and don’t really know what it feels like to have a baby naturally. So I got onto trusty google and found other women’s stories. The best one I have come across so far is this one…beware it is a little graphic, but nothing a pregnant mother, or someone who was pregnant at one time cant handle.

Natural Birth Story

Again – I plan to document our decisions, our research and more at a later date, but for anyone who may be looking for places to get knowledge here are some of my resources.

Best Start Birthing Center – San Diego

Our Doula

Unbiased Information on Vaccines

Diapering – An environmental Decision


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Daily Deal – Restaurant.com 80% off!!

80% off of all restaurant gift certificates on Restaurant.com using the code


I am going to enjoy some lovely fondue in Texas for $2!!!

Picture 35

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